Beethoven, Shostakovich: String Quartets Zig-Zag Territoires, 2008

“For the Atrium Quartet, to couple Beethoven and Shostakovich seemed self-evident: in the realm of the string quartet, these composers dominated their respective eras, and both made an indelible mark on the history of the genre. They left a number of works with similar features; both men juxtapose strongly contrasted moods, shifting rapidly from violence to meditative inwardness, from insouciance to melancholy. Moreover, it is well known that thirteen of Shostakovich’s fifteen quartets were premiered by the Beethoven Quartet, founded in Moscow in 1923. This formation had made a name for itself by performing the complete cycle of Beethoven quartets in 1927, for the commemoration of the centenary of the composer’s death. Because of the demise of its cellist, Sergey Shirinsky, it was unable to give the premiere of Shostakovich’s String Quartet no.15, which was entrusted to the Taneyev Quartet - whose cellist Joseph Levinson subsequently became the mentor of the Atrium Quartet. So, a Beethoven-Shostakovich coupling? Self-evident, no doubt about it.” Hélène CAO


Atrium String Quartet

Beethoven. Quartet No.10 in E flat Major, op.74 "Harp"

Shostakovich. Quartet No.5 in B Major, op.92

Released: 08/2008

Catalogue number: ZZT 080702

Gramophone Editor's Choice: November 2008

Shostakovich: Chamber Music EMI Classics, 2010

This is the second Shostakovich set in this series. The first CD mainly featured orchestral and concerto works, but also included the Eighth String Quartet, the best-known of the 15 that he completed. Here the emphasis is entirely on Shostakovich's chamber music, a medium in which he was an absolute master. It was to chamber music that he increasingly turned in order to express his inner-most anxieties about artistic life in Stalin's Soviet Union.

It is his chamber music that gives a true picture of this tortured 20th-century master. The larger works were mainly for public consumption, although even here Shostakovish fell foul of the authorities on more than one occasion. But in chamber music he felt free to write some of his most profound and heart-searching music.

Various Artists.

Series: EMI | 20th Century Classics

Released: 18/01/2010

Cat. No: 5099968766726

Format: CD

Number Of Discs: 2

Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich: String Quartets EMI Classics, 2003

“From the first bars of the Mozart we can appreciate the quartet's beautiful

balance and blend of sounds, and we're quickly aware, too, that the music is

being played with real understanding: all the dynamics and articulation marks

scrupulously observed, and contributing to a strong overall view of each

movement's expressive character.”

                                                                              Gramophone, 17.04.2004


Mozart. Quartet No.15 in D Minor, KV 421

Tchaikovsky. Quartet No. 3 in E flat Minor, op.30

Shostakovich. Quartet No.7 in F sharp Minor, op.108

Atrium String Quartet

Series: EMI | Debut

Released: 06/10/2003

Cat. No: 5856382

Format: CD

Number Of Discs: 1

Barcode: 0724358563825

Haydn, Shostakovich: String Quartets St Petersburg Recording Studio, 2002

This is the first professional CD recorded by the Atrium Quartet in 2002 in St petersburg. Disc includes Haydn's op.76 No. 4 "Sunrise" and Shostakovich 5th Quartet, op.92.


J. Haydn. Quartet No.63 in B Major ("Sunrise") op.76 No.4, Hob III:78

D. Shostakovich. Quartet No.5 in B Major, op.92

Released: 08/2002

Sound Producer: Vladimir Ryabenko

Atrium Quartet Live on DVD T36, 2007

Live video recording of the Atrium String Quartet taken in the Netherlands (Orlando Festival 2007) and includes Tchaikovsky's 2nd String Quartet.

Tchaikovsky. String Quartet No. 2 in F Major, op.22


Reliased: 09/2007

Number of discs: 1

With the support of the Foundation Haren & Snaren (NL)

Haydn, Rachmaninov, Nurymov: String Quartets Noorderkerkconcerten Amsterdam, 2010

Another live CD of the Quartet recorded on the concert in Amsterdam's Noorderkerk in January 2010.


Sergei Rachmaninov. Quartet No.1 (unfinished, 1889)

Josef Haydn. Quartet No.63 in B Major ("Sunrise"), op.76 No.4, Hob III:78

Chary Nurymov. Quartet No.2 "In memory of Indira Ghandi" (1984)

Serie: Noorderkerkconcerten Live

Reliased: 11/2010

Format: CD

Number of CDs: 1

Jordi Cervello. String Quartets. Columna Musica, 2015

Jordi's music comes directly from his heart and reflects his personal experiences, in terms of both his music and life. The most autobiographical and private composition is Remembrances, in which Jordi tells us a story about himself through four instrumental voices. It was a very romantic and touching experience for all four of us. In A Bach we can follow the dialog between two masters. Etuden nach Kreutzer is a very original way to reappraise well-known etudes which used to be played as technical exercises. Now with Jordi's help, we have had the opportunity to look deeper into the score and understand that Kreutzer's music is much more important than we thought. Dos moviments was yet another chance to follow the composer's personal expertise and experiences.




Dos Movimentos.

Etüden nach Kreutzer.

A Bach.


Released 02/2015

Catalog number 1CM0331

Barcode 8429977103316


Shostakovich. Quartets 9 & 11, Piano Qunitet Oclassica, 2013

As the result of the long-term friendship with russian - dutch pianist Misha Fomin Atrium Quartet recorded Piano Quintet by Dmitry Shostakovich. 

In addition to this monumental Masterpiece Atrium Quartet presents 9 & 11 quartets in the same release. 

Music of Shostakovich became the landmark of the Atrium Quartet. Interpretation of both quartets and quitet highly acclamed by dutch musical issue "Luister" and has rated as TOP 10 Classical CD Album.

Dmitry Shostakovich. Quarets 9 & 11, Piano Quintet

Atrium String Quartet

Misha Fomin, Piano

Label Oclassica

Release 10/2013

Catalog Number RCM 20121





Brahms vs Tchaikovsky Profil Edition Günter Hänssler, 2016

     We, the Atrium Quartet, graduates of the St Petersburg Conservatory and the Hanns Eisler College of Music in Berlin, feel equally attracted by the two composers and are always on the lookout for potential common elements in their works, in spite of their great differences. We have therefore tried to simulate as far as possible the sound Adolph Brodsky produced.

    This is the first recording of both quartets on all-gut strings at the pitch of A=430 Hertz usual at the time. Tonal blending in our ensemble is thus entirely different from what our ears are accustomed to and cantabile sections sound much warmer and more fervent.

    We hope, as Brahms did, that you will not be bored! 


Brahms vs Tchaikovsky. First String Quartets.

Brahms. Quartet in C Minor, op. 51 No. 1

Tchaikovsky. Quartet in D Major, op. 11

Atrium String Quartet

Label and Release date: Profil Edition Günter Hänssler, 14.10.2016

Catalog No. PH16070